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Carmin’s Palace Studio Artist Development Strategies and Services:


Our overall objective is to set-up a new credible/organic foundation for the Artist and the brand to help create awareness for each Artists material, business opportunities with label licensing partners, online digital distribution, booking agents, publishers, tastemaker radio/press/media (traditional and online) and synch licensing opportunities. It is Carmin’s Palace Studio’s goal to build a strong level of support from fans, both old and new, and industry alike. We also focus on creating media opportunities such as interviews with radio, press, mobile-consumer platforms and others.

In addition Carmin’s Palace Studio provides physical and viral distribution of the product in the United States through our distributor CPI Inc. in Ohio and Regional Distribution also located on the East Coast.

Carmin’s Palace Studio Services include the following:

A) To extensively market the Artists music and video(s) virally to key music/lifestyle sites & tastemaker blogs.  During this viral marketing process we strive to build organic consumer awareness while grabbing the industry’s attention as well. Sites include but are not limited to: Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, LastFM, Stereogum,, YouTube, AOL, Yahoo! Music and many more.  In addition, we strategically target the Artists existing fan base, and work to expand on it greatly by focusing on target marketing amongst those who would be most receptive to the music.  We also provide the Artist with assistance, as reasonably requested, in online marketing to surround US-based musical performances/tours through various multimedia platforms.

Our goals with the viral marketing aspect of this campaign is  to generate a strong awareness of the Aritist’s brand amongst trendsetting music-driven blogs, lifestyle blogs and video blogs to help give develop a sense of new discovery for the Artists  music.

B) Carmin’s Palace Studio additionally services the Artists music to all official US radio airplay-tracking services so that any radio support is verifiable and validated appropriately with BDS, and Mediabase.   In addition to the terrestrial radio monitoring services, we also service the music to key digitally monitored sites as well to ensure maximum impact and exposure on all fronts.

By tracking the music properly and having it encoded within all appropriate platforms, this will ensure that airplay is not only detected, but also accounted for with respect to ASCAP/BMI/SESAC royalties, etc.  This also helps drive industry awareness with music being listed as “Newly Added” or “Available for Airplay” on various charts/newsletters.  If the Artist is not currently a member of one of the aforementioned performing rights societies, Carmin’s Palace Studio will assist with setting up the appropriate meetings.

C) A radio-driven focus on the mutually agreed upon mastered single & remixes will be targeted towards key Satellite and Terrestrial Radio DJ Pools,Club DJ’s and (within the appropriate formats suitable for the artists genre of music  across the US (including terrestrial, satellite and internet/online radio).

Carmin’s Palace Studio also delivers broadcast quality wav files of the audio single, bio, picture, artist’s video and web links & bullet points on your successes to over 1,000 PD’s, MD’s, Internet Radio Programmers, Record Labels (additional service), Music/TV/Film consultants via MPE e-marketing. Radio outlets would include our relationships at AOL, Yahoo!, Live365, XM and Sirius to name a few.

D) Carmin’s Palace Studio also 1. Provides assistance with appropriate introductions to partners interested in licensing opportunities, booking agents, potential brands, publishing opportunities and relative record pools the US market on an as needed basis during the term. 2. Offers ongoing advice and in sight as an advisor to management on an as needed basis during the Consulting Term during standard business hours of operation.

E) Additionally Carmin’s Palace Studio will provide Worldwide Digital Distribution for single or all tracks (1) full album to all major online digital retailers such as iTunes, Nokia, Napster/Rapsody, Amazon,CD Baby, Starbucks, Abercrombie Fitch and other major retailers etc. (over 250 in total).  There is also a very strong mobile distribution and sales element to this as well.  If interested, there can be further discussion to finalize details.

F) Carmin’s Palace Studio further provides and consults the marketing plan; P&L and full roll out plan to release. This includes consulting, assistance to filling out required release forms, one sheet/tip sheet and working with the distributer to insure proper execution of the release.

In conclusion , Carmin’s Palace Studio is  ready and willing to offer ongoing advice, insight and support to the Artist.  This is perhaps the most valuable portion and will help to make sure everything is on the right track.  In this partnership, we fully intend to help you achieve your goals.

To execute any champagne at any level, Carmin’s Palace Studio would require 500 copies of the selected track to distribute to our key relationships at radio, A&R executives, booking agents, online/new media, film/TV, gaming/music supervisors and global brand partners.  All of the aforementioned marketing tools (photo, bio, music, etc) must be provided by the Aritist.